Worshiping our Lord together is at the heart of our Community. In all our activities - singing praises on Sunday morning, engaging with the word of God in the sermon or even hanging out and getting to know each other better - we desire to do all things in a way that honors our Lord.


We believe social and ethnic diversity in the local body of Christ is healthy and reflects more accurately the universal body of Christ and the beauty of the Gospel. We don’t want to be merely a special interest group. We believe that diversity helps us keep Christ at the center of our worship because only Christ can tear down the walls that divide us. 

Biblical Teaching

We value Biblical teaching because we value God’s word. It is our source of divine special revelation and contains the truth that is foundational to all we are and all we do. The Bible is at the heart of all our teaching and communication.


God has called his Church to carry out the mission of making his name and glory known.  Sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is essential to revealing God’s love and grace, and it is the primary mission of the church.


As we all seek to grow in our walk with Christ, we recognize that Christ-centered relationships are invaluable. It is in community that we learn about our gifts and weaknesses and encounter encouragement and sanctifying “friction” that sharpens us and enables growth.


We value prayer as our individual and corporate connection point to our heavenly Father. It is an indispensable part of our lives. At CCC, we desire to continue growing in our understanding and practice of prayer.


At CCC, we value the growth of our people as well as the growth of our impact in God’s world. We want each member to be growing in their walk with Christ and in all areas of their life. We know that this will result in a greater impact in our families and community.